Interview en Anglais – Jo Goodman

Jo Goodman - L'homme de loi - Reidsville 1
Jo Goodman – L’homme de loi – Reidsville 1
Jo Goodmann - Docteur Love
Jo Goodmann – Docteur Love

Interview en Anglais – Jo Goodman


Jo Goodman has surprised us with two outstanding books whose stories focuses on the life of Reidsville, a town located in the United States of America in 1805. Full of historical details, the books are also writen with much sensitivity and subtlety. The fans have clearly appreciated these stories, different from what we used to discover on the market of the historical Romance.

Jo Goodman has kindly accepted to answer their questions.


  1. Have you chosen your heroes (the sheriff and the doctor) because they belonged to the most important persons in the town ?

I chose those professions for exactly the reason you stated.  Those professions give the hero some authority immediately and a certain level of respect.  Of course my heroes use their authority wisely.  That’s what makes them heroes.

  1. On which criteria have you selected your heroines ?

In general, I like my heroines to be responsible for making their way in life independent of a man’s support.  This is always a challenge when writing historical fiction because there were not a lot of opportunities for women.  Rachel is a dressmaker, which is a practical, realistic occupation, and Rhyne is taking care of her father’s ranch when we first meet her and then later taking care of the doctor’s household.

  1. Is there a bit of you in your heroines ?

Oh, I wish that were so.  My heroines are smarter, tougher, more resilient, and prettier than I am.

  1. Personally, which is your favorite historical romance book ?

If you are asking which historical romance book is my favorite of all the ones I’ve read, I would say that I love The Count of Monte Cristo.  If you are asking which is my favorite of the ones I’ve written, I’d probably choose a Regency titled A Season to be Sinful because of the 3 little boys in the story.  I have good memories of Pinch, Dash, and Midge, otherwise known as the scoundrels.

  1. If you had not been a famous romance writer, who else would have you been ?

Well, I am not famous, not by a long shot, and I really am someone else already.  My career is in counseling children and families.

  1. According to your taste, what is for you “a dreamful moment” in life ?

A dreamy moment is sitting beside a lake on an autumn day with leaves falling around me and squirrels scurrying up and down trees.

  1. Apart writing, what are your passions ?

My passion has always been working with kids.

  1. Could you describe you in 3 words or adjectives ?

Funny.  Knowledgeable. Energetic.

  1. Could you tell us a bit more about the third book of the series, not issued yet on the French market ?

I am sorry to tell you that there is no 3rd book in this series.  I had thought there might be, but I switched publishers and decided not to continue with another story in Reidsville.

Thank you so much for the opportunity it do this interview.  I had 4 years of French in high school and 2 more years of French class in college and the best I can do with it is Je m’appelle Jo and Ou est la biblioteque?  Quel dommage.  I have so much respect for you being able to ask me these questions in English.  (I’m not sure I even spelled biblioteque correctly.)


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